Tuesday, April 13, 2010

life/work balance?

It just occurred to me how ridiculous, yet telling the phrase "life/work balance" is. Everyone claims to want a good "life/work" balance and in doing so we seem to be implying that work is the polar opposite of life. Unfortunately for many of us, this rings true. Think of all time we spend counting down the hours until we can leave the office, or the days until the weekend. I guess what we're really counting down for is "life." So is that to say that those of us burdened by mundane jobs are not living 40+ hours out of 168 each week?

My 85 year old grandfather who doesn't look or act a year over 70 asks me how my job is going every time I see him. Regardless if my answer is "Great" or "awful", his response is always the same; "The goal is to have a job that doesn't feel like work."

Of course even the happiest of career goers never complain about a day off, but I think that this is a great philosophy to live by, and also one of the reasons for this blog. For those of us who haven't yet reached our actualized self at the peak of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, We're all unsettled in some aspect of life and thus waiting for a better or greater tomorrow.

We all seem to harbor a "work now,live later" mentality. This is evident in retirement funds, stored up vacation days, Savings for a rainy day. So what exactly is it that we're all waiting for? How can we learn to be satisfied in the present without always looking beyond to the future?

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